Why Choose Us?
American Aviation Academy (AAA) specializes in FAA part 141 as well as part 61 pilot flight training. We are also one of the few schools in the U.S. certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to train European student pilots from Private Pilot through Commercial multi or single engine. We are open for flight training operations 7 days a week and 365 days per year!

This school is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

You can expect well over 300 days of good flying/training weather here in San Diego. This helps accelerate our training programs, and save you both time and money. On average, there can be 3 months or more of poor flying and training conditions in other states, that includes Florida and Texas. Many prospective students do not take this into consideration, and require additional funding for longer accommodation stays, more food, and other relevant costly necessities.

The majority of our cadets are international students from all over the world. We offer structured courses that give students the best learning environment both in class, and during practical flight training. Our 200-300 hour career-path courses can generally last 8 to 14 months to complete. In addition, we offer a variety of other licenses and ratings that allow students to meet other requirements based on their career needs. In short, we will do what is necessary to meet your goals!

Here are just a few reasons why choosing AAA is right for you!

FAA Training Programs

We offer FAA part 141 as well as part 61 training programs, depending on your specific aviation goals. This is an ICAO license with worldwide recognition. FAA part 141 programs are more desirable for a number of reasons, domestically as well as globally. Part 141 is often a prerequisite for many aviation authorities or industries around the world when following a career-pilot path. FAA licenses are easily converted just about anywhere in the world. These licenses are also the global “Gold standard” for the world of Aviation.

This program reduces the total hours necessary to be eligible to take the desired pilot certification test. The part 141 career pilot program is a fast paced and structured course that takes you from Private pilot certification, Instrument Rating, and then finally through Commercial pilot certification. Under this program, ground school and flight training are run concurrently to optimize students’ progress. Ground school classes typically run 4 weeks and start almost every month. The advantage of the ground school is that there are other students taking the class, which helps when studying for the exams.

AAA also offers a part 61 program which is perfect for students who cannot commit to full time student status, or need a more customizable program to help them reach their goals. Whichever program you choose, AAA is dedicated to providing quality instruction, and helping you reach your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

EASA Training Programs

American Aviation Academy is one of a few flight schools in the United States authorized to instruct candidates who seek to hold these European licenses. We are authorized to instruct for: Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL) in either single-engine or multi-engine aircrafts. In addition to these programs, AAA also conducts the ATPL course through distance learning, and then administer at least 10% of this program in a classroom at our school.

European prospective pilots seeking airline careers can follow these training programs with us:

Stage 1: Private Pilot License course under FAA part 141 structures.
Stage 2: ATPL distance learning course, including ground sessions conducted at our flight academy.
Stage 3: Instrument rating course under FAA part 141 structures.
Stage 4: Structure hour-building to meet the minimum requirement before undertaking the EASA CPL-ME modular course.
Stage 5: EASA Commercial Pilot license course (Multi or single engine)
Stage 6: FAA IR conversion to an EASA IR at an approved center in Europe.
Stage 7: Enroll into an MCC (Multi cooperation cockpit) course to complete your EASA ATPL license

You are now ready for your airline career to start!