Custom Tailored Courses

At American Aviation Academy we offer a lot of courses that aren’t listed here. Below is a few of them. If you need anything extra that you don’t see, please reach out and we can tailor something to fit your needs!

EASA ATPL Theory Course

Start your EASA ATPL theory course with us. We offer Bristol Ground School distance learning course that meets the prerequisite to an EASA CPL program completion. Includes on site brush-up sessions and Transport Malta Approved testing center near the school.

EASA ATPL Testing Center

Our approved exam center is offered to our students and to the public that wish to complete the ATPL 14-subject exams. Exam dates are available every three months. Proctored by the TMCAD approved invigilators. 

FAA or EASA Multi Engine Add On

Diversify your pilots license by adding an FAA or EASA Multi-Engine rating to your private or commercial pilot license in as little as two weeks. Your training may be conducted in either a Duchess BE-76 or Seneca II.

EASA Night Rating

Our EASA Night Qualification course can be completed in as little as two evenings with one of our qualified EASA instructors. Having great weather in San Diego, it is ideal for most EASA private pilots.

UK Radio Telephony License:

We provide an in-house TMCAD Radio Telephony license, with an ICAO Level 6 language proficiency. May be completed over a two-day period with our certified RT examiner. By appointment only.

High Performance/Complex Endorsement

In order to transition to turbine driven aircraft, one must first acquire a high performance endorsement with an FAA qualified instructor. In most cases, only one day is needed for endorsement completion.

Flight Instructor Courses

Become a flight instructor and acquire your initial flight instructor rating with us in as little as 45 days. You can choose to complete the initial CFI-A, or acquire all three flight instructor ratings (CFI-CFII-MEI). We train both EASA & FAA instructors

Hour Building Packages

San Diego offers the best opportunity to fly and build your hours quickly. We offer over 30 certified and available aircrafts to serve your needs. Packages range from 25 to 100 hours with block discounts.