About San Diego
San Diego is simply the most ideal place to flight-train in the world. It is the reason for many international students and hour-builders choose to come to Southern California.
You can expect well over 300 days of good flying/training weather here in San Diego. This helps accelerate your training programs, and save you both time and money. On average, there can be 3 months or more of poor flying and training conditions in other states, that includes Florida and Texas. Many prospective students do not take this into consideration, and require additional funding for longer accommodation stays, more food, and other relevant costly necessities.
San Diego is also home to many of the world’s great attractions such as Sea World, The famous San Diego Zoo, and did we mention beaches? There are over 70 miles of pristine coastlines, and a world-class surfing environment. The near perfect yearly weather makes it the most enjoyable place to be around in the world. Most of our previous student pilots come back every year during the winter to hour-build and get plenty of sunshine while they are here… Vitamin D is at no cost to you when you are with us in San Diego! When seeking a truly international training environment, San Diego is one of the most diverse places on the planet. Our community has nearly every culture represented in this fine city, and we are proud of this fact. You will find the people and culture here very pleasant and accepting of everyone. The cultural events are none-stop, and activities are in abundance. You may easily find yourself calling this your second home away from home! We would love for you to come and experience San Diego for yourselves. You can simply visit our school, and perhaps even take a discovery flight to truly experience this great city from above. The sunsets are spectacular, and the summers are endless. Make an assessment and see for yourself why you want to come and fly with us. American Aviation Academy enjoys creating world-class pilots!
We gladly welcome you on board!