After American, I went back in the UK, at BCFT for my ATPL theory, Night rating, CPL, IR, ME…Then Oxford, for my MCC and JOC on the B737-400 full motion sim. I was then of course looking for a job as pilot, so in the meantime, got a job on the ground as dispatcher in Geneva. Good experience. I was in charge of the turnarounds of some airlines. I then got a job at Ryanair, after 8 months, as First officer on the B737-800NG…189 passengers. Great aircraft. Huge experience. First take-off, during base training, was absolutely awesome.


I’ll remember this for the rest of my life. It was in March 2012, the 12 of March exactly. Theses days, i’m based in Bergamo, near Milano, Italy. Flying a lot. Total time +600h. +350h on type.

Cedric Gormand,