FAA 141 PPL Rotor

The very first hours of your flight training will be the making of a safe and proficient Private Pilot. It is crucial that during the early stages of  instruction, strict adherence to safe and disciplined flight training practices are maintained. These are our standard practices at American Aviation Academy. Once you make your first solo flight, you will surely know why you chose to be an aviator!

Your career-start is just around the corner!

Our Package includes the following:
  • 32.5 hours dual instruction Robinson 22 Beta II
  • 5 hours solo Robinson 22 Beta II
  • 35 hours FAA 141 ground school
  • FAA 141 Private Pilot kit
  • FAA written test (1 attempt)
  • KSAN Airport pick up and drop off

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2015 FAA Rotor Class Schedule
  • October 12th 2015
  • November 16th 2015
  • January 4th 2016
  • February 8th 2016
  • March 14th 2016
  • April 18th 2016
  • May 23rd 2016

Additional Charges

Prices are based on our carefully designed packages to complete the training, in the lowest priced resource. It is not guaranteed you will complete your training within this program. Should you exceed any flight/ground hours, you will be responsible for the additional costs. Please plan and budget for any additional costs that may occur. Higher rates for aircraft upgrades applicable. Prices are subject to change without notice, but we will guarantee the rates if you enroll within 60 days of your initial course info request.

Rental accommodations available upon request.