EASA Commercial Pilots License (MEP)

American Aviation Academy stands ready in meeting your Commercial Pilot career path needs in a well established professional environment. We strive in making sure that you lack nothing, and receive all that you expect to become a world-class aviator.

Your career-start is just around the corner!

Our Package includes the following:
  • FAA 141 PPL (45 hour single-engine)
  • ATPL Theory Course (provided through LTN Group SA)
  • FAA 141 IR (45 hours single-engine)
  • 97 hour single-engine airplane time-building
  • 6 hour EASA multi-engine class rating
  • 25 hour (BE-76) modular EASA CPL MEP
  • EASA Night Qualifications as required
  • KSAN Airport pick up and drop off
  • We offer regularly scheduled shuttle service between our accommodations and the flight school

*** Please ask about adding an FAA commercial pilot standalone license!

* For complete details, please use the request form provided here ⇒⇒⇒

EASA Class Schedules
Students must report to school a minimum of 4 days prior to the actual start date!
  • July 17th 2017
  • August 21st 2017
  • September 25th 2017
  • October 30th 2017
  • December 4th 2017
  • January 8th 2018
  • February 12th 2018
  • March 19th 2018
  • April 23rd 2018
  • May 28th 2018
  • July 2nd 2018
  • August 6th 2018
  • September 10th 2018
  • October 15th 2018
  • November 19th 2018
  • January 7th 2019

ATPL Theory (provided through LTN Group SA):

EASA ATPL Theory (Distance Learning)                                                   

  • Includes Top up refresher classes conducted in three stages            
  • Books for 14 subject areas 
  • Online training material
  • Using Bristol Ground School material 

Additional Charges:

Prices are based on our carefully designed packages to complete the training, in the lowest priced resource. It is not guaranteed you will complete your training within this program. Should you exceed any flight/ground hours, you will be responsible for the additional costs. Please plan and budget for any additional costs that may occur. Higher rates for aircraft upgrades applicable. Prices are subject to change without notice, but we will guarantee the rates if you enroll within 60 days of your initial course info request.

Rental accommodations available upon request.