Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Program

Exciting new Associates Degree Option Offered in Cooperation with Charter College!

American Aviation Academy is located in the greater San Diego County area, California. If you wish to attend this campus, you will find the training environment exceptionally desirable with respect to staff, fleet, weather, and location of the airport itself.

Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Program Overview

This program offers student pilots a Fixed-Wing option to achieve an “Associate of Applied Science in Aviation (AAS)” degree. It combines online curriculum provided by Charter College Aviation while the ground school and flight hours from American Aviation Academy. With adding less than a year of additional schooling, students can also complete the BS program that includes additional aviation and general education curriculum.


Program Details
  • 250 flight hours
  • General education required for an Associate of Applied Science Degree
  • Program length for AAS: 70 weeks
Aviation Courses
  • Commercial Aviation
  • Navigation
  • Aerodynamics & Aircraft Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Safety
  • Law
  • Aircraft System and Components
  • Air Traffic Control & Airspace
  • Physiology
  • Crew Resource Management
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