For me AAA was not my first choice for a flight school in the United States. I was a student at a different flight school located in Redlands California that closed its doors. This was the beginning of how I found AAA in San Diego/El Cajon California. The school is located at Gillespie Field Airport. Along with my friend Clay I started the registration process with this school to continue my PPL course all the way to Commercial Multi-Engine rating. The training environment here is great. I love the San Diego weather, which is sunny almost every day.


I also like the way they teach. My instructor Larry Taylor guided me from the beginning. After the first flight he trusted, and released me for the first solo cross country right away to get me back on track, which had been delayed for several months because of the situation from my previous flight school.


After I finished from AAA and returned back to Indonesia it took me no time to get a job. I passed on my first try for First officer selection with Indonesia Air Asia, flying their top of the line Airbus A320 family to most destinations around South East Asia and Australia.


My attendance at AAA was one of the best times of my life.


Alif Putra Yudha
First officer
Indonesia Air Asia

Alif Putra Yudha,

American aviation academy has offered me the perfect tools to make me a safe, competent pilot. They have fantastic instructors who will take you by the hand and guide you to accomplish your goals. Excellent well maintained airplanes always give me the confidence of always maintaining a safe flight.

Overall, AAA is a great institution, but your own effort and time invested is what is going to make you a great pilot


Christian Herrera,

Since I was young, I always wanted to fly and discover new horizons. While I was working for Qatar Airways as a flight attendant, I had the opportunity to fly different types of aircrafts such as Airbus families and Boeing families. Flying those jets gave me the inspirations to become an airline pilot and decided to get my Private Pilot License in South Africa, Johannesburg during my rest periods.
After completion of my PPL, I made a decision to continue my flight training further and started to look for a flight school. The biggest decision for me, like everyone else, was where to obtain my training with a right flying academy.
I chose American Aviation Academy based in sunny and beautiful Southern California. American Aviation Academy has a professional pilot program, designed for the airline career, with just one objective: To train and produce a pilot who is ready to be hired. From the structure of the program to the technology of the equipment with qualified and experienced instructors, American Aviation Academy had my attention. The Academy not only prepared me as a pilot, but also gave me a chance to excel in other part of aviation as a ground instructor and flight instructor for Ab-initio students. The academy is more than just a flying program. The more time and effort you give to the academy, the more you will get back from the academy. For me, this is the right place to achieve your upmost dream as an airline pilot. HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT AND ALWAYS FLY HIGH!!!

Dai Han PARK

Dai Han Park,

After American, I went back in the UK, at BCFT for my ATPL theory, Night rating, CPL, IR, ME…Then Oxford, for my MCC and JOC on the B737-400 full motion sim. I was then of course looking for a job as pilot, so in the meantime, got a job on the ground as dispatcher in Geneva. Good experience. I was in charge of the turnarounds of some airlines. I then got a job at Ryanair, after 8 months, as First officer on the B737-800NG…189 passengers. Great aircraft. Huge experience. First take-off, during base training, was absolutely awesome.


I’ll remember this for the rest of my life. It was in March 2012, the 12 of March exactly. Theses days, i’m based in Bergamo, near Milano, Italy. Flying a lot. Total time +600h. +350h on type.

Cedric Gormand,