Success Stories

It’s been a great experience studying at AAA, I’m very glad I chose the best aviation flight school, I’d say it’s really helped me get where I’m at. Very professional and skillful staff gets you going (or flying) as fast as possible and are ready to solve any doubt you have, and the fleet is kept in top shape. Apart from that, what better than to fly in SoCal’s year-round excellent weather? Put all that together and learning to fly in AAA becomes really fun! I definitely recommend AAA for anyone looking to pursue a career as a pilot.

Luis Romero,

At AAA I received the best training and treatment, the facilities are located in Gillespie Field airport, a nice place with good weather and surrounded by the San Diego International airport airspace which gave me a great opportunity to develop professional pilot skills and good communications with the air traffic controllers. The school staff always cared for my needs as a student such as housing and transportation to the school. The instructors are very experienced and professional, and they always were concerned for my flight training progress, they allowed me to fly the airplane solo in Cross country flights to many great places in the U.S helping me to develop good airmanship.


I would like to thank them all because I got very confident with multi engine and instrument flying skills and they prepared me very well , so the checkrides were a piece of cake! . I completed my commercial flight training and recently passed my type rating check at simuflite in Dallas and I am currently flying a gulfstream as a corporate pilot. Thank you AAA for some of my best memories of my life!

Frank Delgadillo,

Hello my name is Julien Cazaux i’m an Airbus A320 First Officer. I have start my Pilot Training in France with the ATPL Theoretical, then I had the chance to go to American Aviation Training Academy to do all my FAA Licenses ( PPL, IR, CPL SE, CPL ME), and some building hours. The Training here have a very good quality and I was so glad to have choose AAA to do my licenses. This training center welcomes you as a part of the family, and you are not just a number like in some others training center. There you are based in San Diego California, where you can enjoy a really amazing weather who can allow you to fly all the time, all year long.


This experience is still one of the best memories of my life. Then I came back to France did my licenses conversion, and A320 type rating. Now I’m flying the A320 and I can just say that I highly recommend American Aviation Academy in your flight path…Happy Landings !

Julien Cazaux, Pilot