Accommodations are available on request. The fully furnished, air-conditioned apartments have internet and basic cable TV. The complex has laundry facilities, a pool, and is situated next to a shopping Mall. We operate regular car shuttle services to and from the school.

Our accommodations consists of two bedroom apartments with two beds in each room. A total of 4 students can share 1 apartment in order to save on long term stays. You can request a private room at a slightly higher cost of course.  A set of fresh bed linens is provided for each bed. The apartments are located within a ten minute bicycle ride of Gillespie Field. Please be sure to bring your own toiletries, and bath towels. The kitchen is well equipped, but you will have to fill your own cupboards with things you enjoy eating.

In the evening, you can relax by the pool with other students, or perhaps enjoy a trip to the beaches for something more lively. We know that you are here to flight train efficiently, but be sure to take breaks when possible.

* For more details and booking arrangements, please contact our admin at: