Student Life at American Aviation Academy

 School Environment

American Aviation Academy has all the resources you need to start and finish your pilot training. We constantly look to improve the study environment so that you lack nothing at any given stage of your training.

The academy has a full service café next to the school (Gillespie cafe ). We have a separate student lounge to take your lunch breaks, or to simply relax. A large reception area will immediately give you the feel of a professional pilot school. Here, you will find our flight dispatch center, and a small “Pilot Shop” for your training material needs. The reception area has a mural representing our ideals with respect to the global pilot student body.

AAA boasts (8) student/instructor briefing rooms, a full study hall, Laser-Grade testing center, and a full 26-cadet ground classroom. The FRASCA simulator room is only 50 meters away in a separate building. All of our aircraft fleet is stationed just outside the school for easy access. The aircrafts are fueled within minutes, and ready for departure as soon as you are ready to fly. Air traffic is light during takeoff, but you can be in complex traffic within 10-15 minutes of flight. Our 3 runways assure that you will not wait long before you take flight!

There are 16 fulltime instructors on hand, and we typically keep a maximum 4:1 student to instructor ratio. There are 18 aircrafts in our fleet and have 3 additional aircrafts on standby in case we need to increase the fleet.

The airport is perfectly located (Gillespie Airport), which enables you to progress quicker through your training. There are more than 300 days of good flying weather near our academy. The first Friday of every month, there is a small airshow next to the school hosted by Gillespie Café. You will see all types of old planes, and collector aircrafts on display as well as live music and food. Near the school, there is also a small aerospace museum, which is free of charge for entry.

 Outside life when not at AAA

San Diego has near perfect weather, activities, beautiful scenery, and a calm living environment. The transit system makes it easy to get to the many wonderful attraction near the school’s airport. There are beautiful beaches that stretch from San Diego all the way to the Bay Area. Food costs are reasonable, and the international cuisine selection is nearly endless.

Our student housing has just about all that you need to live a comfortable life, and study with a clear mind. There are a number of shopping centers near the school and student housing. We provide a student shuttle service at no extra cost to you. The shuttle runs every 2 hours during the weekdays starting from 8 to 4. Learning to fly and live in San Diego California is a dream come true for many pilot/cadets. You will find that San Diego just may be your home away from home. Many past graduates often return to AAA for visits, to build more flight hours, and advance their licenses and ratings.

 Helping to create world-class pilots is our business. We gladly welcome you on-board!