FAA & EASA Certified

Learn to Fly in Sunny San Diego!
San Diego enjoys being one of the nation's sunniest cities. Having clear weather over 85% of the year makes San Diego an ideal location to train for your next pilot's license. Along with the near-perfect flying weather, take advantage of many of the area's world-famous attractions.

Airplane training


AAA offers you a chance to see your dream of human flight come true. Whether you choose to fly for pleasure, or want to pursue a career in aviation, we stand ready to meet your desired goals. Our intense, yet customer oriented courses are designed to achieve exactly what aspiring pilots want in as short a time as possible, saving both time and money. We will ensure availability to our valued clients the very best in aviation resources.
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FAA & EASA Certified

We offer a unique opportunity to train for either FAA or EASA licenses. Having one or both can open great possibilities to become a world-class aviator!

FAA training: Private Pilot • Instrument Rating • Commercial Pilot, single or multi engine. We also offer flight instructor training for CFI, CFII, and MEI

EASA training: Private Pilot • Commercial Pilot • Night Rating • RT course. (Fixed-Wing only)

EASA Frozen ATPL Path

We will soon be offering a program that starts from little to no experience and helps accelerate you to becoming an airline pilot in European States.  The program is designed so that you can complete all of your required training and certification within 15 to 18 months. Class start dates and enrollment will begin as early as January 8th 2018…. stay tuned!